Tire Department

Chevrolet Tire Department in Seguin, TX

We offer a full range of certified tire services for your Chevrolet at the Seguin Chevrolet tire department.

Chevrolet Tire Department in Seguin, TX

We operate a Chevrolet certified tire department at Seguin Chevrolet with everything that a Chevy will need when it comes to tires. We have new Chevrolet tires for sale and offer a full tire service menu including all of the best practice services proven to get the most out of a tire investment.

Our Chevrolet Tire Services

Chevrolet Tire Inspection

Tire Inspection

Our Chevrolet certified service experts have vast training and direct experience inspecting tires across all Chevy models. Tire inspection includes an evaluation of rubber conditions, identification of rapid wear, tread depth measurement, inflation check, and formulation of tire maintenance referrals if needed.

Chevrolet Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

The ideal way to mitigate rapid wear caused by variable loads handled at each wheel location, tire rotation service features a certified service expert that removes the wheels, inspects the tires, brakes, and steering systems, and remounts the wheel-tire assemblies to a different position.

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Chevrolet Wheel Balance

Wheel Balance

Our certified service experts rely on a digital wheel balancer to ensure each wheel-tire assembly spins with a centered balance of weight. Wheel balancing service extends the life of tires and helps create a smooth driving experience along the way.

Chevrolet Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

We deliver precision results with computerized two-wheel and four-wheel alignment services. We perform two-wheel alignment service for front wheels with rapid wear and four-wheel alignment service for all four wheels.

Chevrolet Patch Repair

Patch Repair

Perfect for repairing a tire punctured with a small object like a nail, patch repair service effectively plugs the puncture and seals it to restore specifications.

Chevrolet TPMS

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Repair

If the tire pressure monitoring system develops a problem with the radio transmitters positioned on each wheel, we can inspect the system, test it manually for accuracy, and perform the calibration as needed to restore accuracy, or we will replace faulty transmitters as needed to restore pressure reading accuracy.

Seguin Chevrolet Tire Department

New Chevy Tires for Sale

We stock a large inventory of brand new genuine Chevrolet OEM tires ready to mount at specifications. Our new Chevrolet tires inventory includes the famous tire brands and we also carry a selection of different tread styles and seasons perfect for meeting any unique transportation needs and individual driving preferences. We also offer regular new Chevy tire sales specials for getting more cost savings on your next tire replacement service.

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We also offer rotating new tire sales specials as well as tire maintenance specials for additional cost savings and value. When a Chevrolet near Seguin needs new tires or tire maintenance, we invite you to Seguin Chevrolet for the highest quality tires and tire maintenance services. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!

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